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Hypnotherapists at London's Premier Hypnotherapy Clinic

Please feel free to contact our Harley Street hypnotherapists below.  All our London hypnotherapists are highly qualified, conscientious professionals. 
As well as working from our Central London Harley Street clinic, some of our hypnotherapists also practice at other locations within the UK. 
If you don't live in London, there may be a therapist who can see you closer to home.
We will be happy to discuss how we can help you today. 
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Trevor Hoskisson Hypnotherapist London  

Trevor Hoskisson   BSc CHt       Professional Associations: ISPH

Tel: 020 7887 2585       07703 572300  
Email: Trevor Hoskisson email address
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    International award winning hypnotherapist Trevor Hoskisson is the person who the "experts" go to see. Amongst Trevor's clients are psychotherapists, coaches, celebrities, doctors and professors and Royalty.

Trevor is not only an award winning hypnotherapist, counsellor and psychotherapist; he is a trainer and master practitioner of NLP and a life & health coach. He holds advanced qualifications in clinical, analytical, forensic hypnosis, and pain management in addition to a degree in biochemistry and a lifelong interest in nutrition. He is psychological adviser to a leading weight management company also based in Harley Street.

Trevor also lectures at the College of Medicine on the use of hypnosis in contemporary medicine, and is hypnosis tutor at the National Centre for Integrative Medicine in Bristol.

Trevor's work on eliminating phobias was recently featured in Tatler magazine.

Trevor is an expert on the development of human potential and he will assist you to make the changes you need to make to improve your life and make you happier.

Trevor recognises that all his clients have a huge potential for happiness and success already within them and he will tap into this, producing great results with the minimum number of sessions, often just one or two. Even complex issues like weight reduction and pain relief only require three or possibly four sessions. In fact, if more than four sessions of hypnosis are required Trevor will reduce his fee by 33% for the remaining sessions. Trevor provides recordings of each hypnosis session and this reduces the need to keep returning for further sessions.

Trevor is very interested in the use of hypnosis to increase creativity and his work with an artist and dancer was recently exhibited at the Royal College of Art in London.

A sample of Trevor's work entitled Mental Massage can be downloaded here. There is also a brief explanation of how hypnosis works.

Trevor is currently working online to see clients - Harley Street Expertise in the comfort of your own home and without the expense.
Trevor also practices in Devon, and Somerset,
Specialities:   Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Life Coaching, Pain Relief
                         Weight Loss, Phobias, Public Speaking, Sports Enhancement, Stress Reduction
Website:          www.HarleyStreetAnxietyClinic.com
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Louise Moore Hypnotherapist London  

Louise Moore   Adv Dip. Hyp. A.S.H.P.H, Dip Psy .NLP ,Dip Nut.       Professional Associations: gHr

Tel: 020 3289 5116       07970 834446  
Email: Louise Moore email address
Call or email Louise directly or use the following form. Request Further Information

Louise Moore is a top UK advanced clinical hypnotherapist and most sought after Harley Street Practitioner, she is founder and Director of LifeMatters Clinic, Harley Street and Redgrave, Suffolk with 18 years full time experience as a hypnotherapist. Louise has worked with thousands of clients over the years from all round the globe. Her work is highly regarded with many medical practitioners and her clientele range from celebrities, sports men and women, corporate CEO's, executives, children, young people and their families. You can read more about her work, therapies and what her clients have to say at (www.lifemattersgroup.com)

Louise is accredited with the GHR - general hypnotherapy register and is founder and director of LifeMatters Training College, offering a professional practitioner diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP, accredited with the GHSC - general hypnotherapy standards council. Louise's career spans 28 years, she is also qualified in Psychotherapy, NLP, Havening Techniques, Breath work capnography, meditation and nutrition.

With online technology Louise can extend her clinic by offering her expertise to other UK and global clients via SKYPE, FaceTime or WhatsApp video calling. So wherever you are living you are now able to link up with Louise's expertise. At a time when we are struggling to meet up due to world wide health concerns please consider using this option as many others have done very successfully.

Specialist hypnotherapy clinics:

  • Anxiety and Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Addictions - alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling
  • Insomnia
  • Grief and Loss
  • Weight Loss
  • Fitness
  • Eating Disorders
  • Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Relationship Issues
  • Sexual Issues
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Birthing, Fertility and IVF
  • Performance - Public Speaking, Sports, Performing Arts
  • Children - Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Eating Issues, Confidence

Media coverage of Louise's work

  • Channel 5's - The Big Body Squad,
  • New magazine
  • Elle Magazine
  • London Mayfair Magazine
  • BBC Radio Suffolk
  • East Anglian Times

Please email your request for further information, Louise offers all potential clients the option to have a free 10 minute phone consultation to allow you to ask questions and to determine the best line of approach for your current needs.

Louise also practices in Suffolk,
Specialities:   Anxiety, Addiction, Weight Loss, Eating Disorders, Relationship Issues
                         Stop Smoking, Phobias, Performance, Insomnia, Habits
Website:          www.lifemattersgroup.com
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John Greig Hypnotherapist London  

John Greig   Dip CB Hyp Cert CB Hyp CCH GQHP       Professional Associations: REBHP Affiliate MNCH Lic. GHR

Tel: 07967 136431         
Email: John Greig email address
Call or email John directly or use the following form. Request Further Information

John has been teaching meditation and relaxation techniques for over 30 years. He combines this experience with Hypnotherapy and cognitive and behavioural therapy (CBT) methods as a qualified Hypnotherapist, holding a Diploma in Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy from the UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy. He also brings over 30 years of senior executive business understanding to client conversations.

John knows from personal experience the challenges clients face from working in highly demanding roles and the stresses and strains this can bring both at work and at home. His aim is to help you to feel better about yourself by using hypnotherapy to support you in how you manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviour so that you learn the skills you need to assist you in leading a more fulfilled life.

Specialities:   Anxiety, Stop Smoking, Stress Reduction, Addiction, Phobias
                         Weight Loss, Insomnia, Panic Attacks, Self Esteem, Public Speaking
Website:          www.hypnotherapypartnersharleystreet.com
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Annie Greig Hypnotherapist London  

Annie Greig   HPD, Dip Hyp, GQHP       Professional Associations: GHR MNCH (Lic) UKCHO REBHP

Tel: 07768 385 489         
Email: Annie Greig email address
Call or email Annie directly or use the following form. Request Further Information

Annie Greig is a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist. She is the Supervision Director for the Register for Evidence Based Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (REBHP); is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR); is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH); and registered with The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). She trained in Hypno-CBT at The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy with Donald Robertson.

Annie specialises in Anxiety problems, Fears and Phobias, Addiction including Alcohol and Drugs, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Confidence Issues, Public Speaking, Nail Biting, IBS, Fear of Flying, Claustrophobia, Aversion to Needles, OCD, Work Stress and Insomnia.

Together with her Harley Street Hypnotherapy practice, Annie has been a therapist for 23 years at the Capio Nightingale Hospital, Central Londonís leading independent mental health hospital. She runs a group therapy programme which includes yoga, meditation, relaxation and CBT Hypnotherapy. In these groups she has treated thousands of patients. Her approach has been developed over 30 years of teaching and training in the UK, Europe and USA. She also runs an IBS treatment programme with CBT Hypnotherapy at the Capio Nightingale Hospital.

Annie aims to help her clients overcome their concerns and issues by giving them the reassurance and assistance they need to make the changes they are seeking. As clients engage in a CBT Hypnotherapy Treatment plan, they learn it is possible to overcome unhelpful beliefs, anxiety and challenges and to reinforce positive attitudes. Annie is keen to encourage and train you to develop new coping skills and methods and show you how to reduce unhelpful negative thinking. She teaches clients how to practice self hypnosis and visualisation on their own. This provides people with a dynamic tool for managing all kinds of stress, learning how to be more imaginative and creative, feel more relaxed, energised, focussed and calm and have more enthusiasm.

Annie works along side you, supporting you in building a solid, new foundation that helps you overcome and experience relief from some of the problems that may have been compromising you. Her intention is to build a relationship of trust and positive support, working with you to achieve your goals and restore your confidence.

Annie also practices in Wandsworth Common, London and Weybridge, Surrey
Specialities:   Social Anxiety, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress Reduction, Addiction
                         Phobias, Panic Attacks, Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol
Website:          www.hypnoresolve.com
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Marian Barry Hypnotherapist London  

Marian Barry   BA (Hons) PGCE, RSA Dip, Dip Hyp, AQA CERT Couns, NLP, Time Line Therapist       Professional Associations: ALCS, UKGHE, IFL, UCU and AQA Couns.

Tel: 01223 891523         
Email: Marian Barry email address
Call or email Marian directly or use the following form. Request Further Information

Marian Barry is an advanced UK clinical hypnotherapist, international trainer and bestselling author but she grew up with low self-confidence. When her first book was published, she could not bear to open it: someone else had to do it for her.

It was a life crisis that led her to hypnotherapy. She says, 'For some unknown reason, a little voice inside urged me to try it.' It changed her life. Marian says, ' I decided I wanted to transform the lives of others too.' Recently, Marian was a key note speaker in Guangzhou, China; Muscat, Oman; and Brisbane, Australia.

Marian's powerful brand of therapy techniques can be instant and permanent. Her clients include well-known public figures, but she is insistent that hypnotherapy is for everyone.

Marian offers customised sessions (from one to four hours) specially tailored to client needs, including public speaking, confidence issues, phobias and addictions. Two to three intensive sessions are the average for success.

Marian's innovative, inspiring methods work because they eradicate the problem in the unconscious mind where irrational behaviour is rooted.

Marian is an associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Marian was awarded GHP Hypnotherapist of the Year - East of England this year.

Marian also practices in Great Abington, Cambridgeshire
Specialities:   Public Speaking, Confidence, Exam Success, Phobias, Panic Attacks
                         Addiction, Weight Loss
Website:          www.hypnotherapy-success.com
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