Be Free of Addiction with Hypnosis

Hypnosis For Addiction & Alcoholism

Addictions such as drug addiction, drinking or gambling addiction ruin the lives of those addicted and the people around you. It becomes a never ending cycle of harmful patterns of behaviour.

Addiction hypnotherapy is able to change the way you think about your addiction, breaking the link between the old patterns of behaviour and the reinforcement that keeps you addicted.

Our hypnotherapists help you find the route cause of your addiction and what keeps you returning to these old destructive habits. We can help you break that cycle with hypnosis and set you free from your addiction, allowing you to live life to the full.

"I had been an alcoholic for more than ten years. After just three sessions I can now meet friends in a bar without even wanting a drink."

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Addiction Therapy
Very often clients realise that an issue, such as drinking, is becoming a problem. They would rather cut down, than stop altogether. Whatever the addiction and whatever the severity we are able to help you cut down or stop all together, the choice is yours.
Time To Break Free
Whether you have an addiction yourself or you're watching a loved one suffering, it's time to contact us and see how we can help overcome the addiction once and for all. Speak to one of our hypnotherapists now and find out how we can help you today.
Financial Cost of Addiction
As well as the health benefits of stopping your addiction, whether it is drinking, drugs or food, imagine the benefits financially as well. A £10 per day addiction over one year costs £3,650, over five years this equates to £18,250 and £36,500 over ten years.
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Book your hypnosis session with our addiction specialists today. Our addiction hypnotherapists cover a wide range of addictions including, alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, gambling, cigarettes, food, shopping, kleptomania, etc.
Why break free from your addiction?
Addiction destroys lives. Don't let your addiction run your life. Don't let your addiction ruin your life. Break free from your addiction with hyposis. Contact our expert addiction hypnotherapists and find out how we can help you.