Couples Relationship Hypnotherapy Worked for Denise Van Outen, Now They're ready to marry!

Essex Live - 5 March 2021

Denise Van Outen and her partner Eddie Boxshall have revealed they are ready to cement their relationship and get married after taking couple's hypnotherapy sessions.

The actress who lives in Chelmsford, and has been in a seven years relationship with her beau, went through several hypnosis sessions and is said to be 'clearly overjoyed' at the results The Mirror reports.

The couple admitted their eagerness of marriage when on presenter Kate Thornton's podcast White Wine Question Time, where Eddie praised the therapeutic sessions with helping unify the couple even more and encouraged other couples facing difficulties not to give up hope.

He said during the podcast: "If anyone's going through any issues, and there's no way out or it's a dead end.

"Do the therapy sessions, and then you'll realise if it's a dead-end or not — but hopefully they will find and reroute you as a couple.

"I'll be honest… Even more so now would I marry her after doing therapy sessions. I have come out the other side of those sessions and for me now, I'd marry her at the drop of a hat!''

These hypnotherapy admissions came shortly after the presenter revealed that the lockdown had also brought them closer.

Denise, Eddie and her daughter Betsy have been quarantining at their home in Essex throughout the pandemic - and there were no arguments or fallouts.

Denise said: "I can't imagine myself being with anyone else — although sometimes I'd like to.

"Both Eddie and I said we’ve been surprised at how well we’ve got on, we’ve not had any arguments or fallouts.

“So we feel like we’re very lucky because I’ve had other friends who’ve come out of lockdown and they’re filing for divorces and trying to find somewhere else to live.”

Denise was previously married to Lee Mead between 2009 and 2013 before finding love with Eddie. The former Strictly Coming Dancing star shares ten-year-old Betsy with Southend born Lee.

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