Finding Relief for Irritable Bowel Syndrome With Hypnosis

IBS News - 13 June 2010

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) also known as spastic colon or colitis affects 15 – 20% of the population – predominantly women. The severity of IBS symptoms changes from person to person and from time to time. For some people it restricts their movements to such a degree that they have trouble making travel plans. For others, it’s a sporadic situation where the symptoms come and go, with no discernable reason, and for others, it’s a low lying, ongoing manageable but painful situation.

Whichever category you fall into, the basic result is the same. You live with pain and uncertainty, always being aware that at any time you may need to fine a toilet or washroom in a hurry. Never mind what else is going on around you. The need to get to a washroom is urgent and immediate.

Interestingly enough, the causes of IBS are unknown, and the diagnosis is usually a diagnosis of exclusion, everything else is ruled out. While it’s not clear exactly what causes it, we do know that there are anatomical changes in the lining of the colon and to the nervous system of the colon. You’ve probably tried diet management, which to some extent works for many people. You may have tried medication – but sometimes the side effects are worse than the IBS. But there is another way to manage or in some cases, eliminate the IBS altogether, and that’s with hypnosis.

The evidence is overwhelming that IBS symptoms respond dramatically to a series of hypnosis treatments. Hypnosis has been approved by the American Medical Association as a valid medical treatment since 1958 and over 20 years of solid scientific research has demonstrated hypnosis to be an effective, safe and inexpensive choice for IBS alleviation for 80-95% of clients.

Dr. Diane Fugh Berman chair of the National Women’s Health Network in Washington DC has said that hypnosis should be the treatment of choice for IBS. “It totally makes sense” explains Georgina Cannon, Director of the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, “all body sensations are managed and recorded in the subconscious mind, so if you want to make change in the body, one of the best ways is through the subconscious mind with hypnosis.”

Cannon went on to explain – “There are absolutely no side effects – except that you get better! The treatment is relaxing and enjoyable. And best of all, treatment often leads to improvement of other stress related problems – like teeth grinding or sleeplessness.”

“We only work with a client on pain management with the approval of their doctor” Cannon explains. The number of sessions needed ranges from 7 to 10 “this enables our clients to develop their imagery skills, which will help them for the rest of their life. We start the process with a very thorough intake so that we understand how IBS affects that particular client. Then the mind-body training begins.”

Hypnosis for IBS has been proven to improve the lives of sufferers.  It has been used in America since the 50s.  It is very powerful to show an IBS sufferer the dramatic improvements that can be made with IBS Hypnosis.  At The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic, a number of our hypnotherapists are trained in using hypnosis for IBS and are achieving great results.  Speak to our trained hypnotherapists at the hypnotherapy clinic on Harley Street in London.

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