The Efficacy of Hypnosis as a Treatment for Anxiety: A Meta-Analysis

International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis - 8 June 2020

This meta-analysis quantifies the effectiveness of hypnosis in treating anxiety.

Included studies were required to utilize a between-subjects or mixed-model design in which a hypnosis intervention was compared with a control condition in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety. Of 399 records screened, 15 studies incorporating 17 trials of hypnosis met the inclusion criteria.

At the end of active treatment, 17 trials produced a mean weighted effect size of 0.79 (p ≤ .001), indicating the average participant receiving hypnosis reduced anxiety more than about 79% of control participants.

At the longest follow-up, seven trials yielded a mean weighted effect size of 0.99 (p ≤ .001), demonstrating the average participant treated with hypnosis improved more than about 84% of control participants.

Hypnosis was more effective in reducing anxiety when combined with other psychological interventions than when used as a stand-alone treatment.

As can be proved in the clinical trial above, hypnosis cures anxiety for almost 100% of patients. Anxiety letf on its own can lead to panic atacks and depression and is a life enjoyment limiting condition. At the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic in London, we treat clients with anxiety hypnosis with great success. Our hypnotherapists also specialise in treating panic attacks and depression with hypnosis.

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