Hypnotherapy for COVID-19 related stress and anxiety

Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic - 2 December 2020

The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic is seeing an increase in patients with Covid 19 pandemic-induced stress, anxiety and fear.

Everyone's lives are stressful enough, with work and family commitments, but with the added pressure of COVID-19 - anxiety and stress levels are increasingly being tested to their limits.

“People are fearful, not only are they scared of touching anything, they're scared their family, friends or work colleagues will become ill and they're scared of the long term effects of the illness." says Emma Darlaston, Practice Manager. “It’s a continual worry that challenges people's ability to function normally.”

"It's not only health worries that people have, their clients are anxious about their jobs, financial issues and of course the economy".

"When we're anxious about something, our bodies react, muscles start to tense up, our breathing becomes faster and we may even start to sweat. Then, we notice these changes happening to us and think something bad is happening, and then our body reacts even more, it becomes a snowball effect that if it isn't caught in time can tumble into extreme anxiety and panic attacks."

Hypnotherapy changes the way we think about anxiety and stress, it helps to separate our thoughts from our feelings, to think about what's causing us stress without becoming immersed in our physical responses to that pressure.

Brain scans of hypnotherapy patients have shown there is reduced activity in the anterior cingulate cortex, the area of the brain that assesses and regulates emotions, the area that decides what to worry about. Hypnosis turns down this part of the brain, so to speak, so that clients can focus on what they want to focus on with less worrying thoughts.

The clinic is also seeing requests from many frontline workers such as nurses, doctors, carers and other hospital staff who are constantly exposed to the virus and are under extreme amounts of stress and fatigue.

"Small amounts of anxiety are useful as it teaches people to avoid dangerous situations and how to act quickly. But too much can result in burnout, which is something we are seeing more and more of, these past few months", she says.

“People are looking for ways to reduce anxiety levels, to relax and de-stress and they are using hypnosis to alleviate those pandemic-related fears.”

Hypnotherapists at the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic are available for anxiety reducing hypnosis sessions online. For further information on our therapists, please see the Hypnotherapists' page.

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