Can hypnosis cure my insomnia?

Sleep Disorders - 16 July 2009

Experts tell us we need an average of eight hours sleep per night in order to function properly. As I lay in the darkness, night after night watching as the clock gradually ticks away the hours, the room slowly filling with light as night turns to day I wonder why I suffer from Insomnia and if I can solve the problem.

I have suffered from insomnia all of my life and have yet to find a cure or resolution of the problem. I am not depressed and do not suffer from any major problems or worries. I have tried medication; it doesn't work and makes me irritable and snappy during the day. I have tried wearing myself out with long walks. I have cut coffee and alcohol from my diet but still lie in bed unable to sleep.

A while ago my doctor asked if I had tried or would consider going to a hypnotist, as hypnotherapy has been useful in the treatment of insomnia. Since Hypnosis originates from the Greek word, Hypnos, which means sleep I thought I would give it a try. After all it is one of the safest ways of curing insomnia and has been tried on children as young as seven with no ill effects.

At the hypnotists I sat in the chair feeling rather apprehensive I was not sure it would work. Perhaps I can't be hypnotised. I listened as the voice droned on, then I heard him say, wake up. Yes it had worked. About twenty minutes had passed. I had been hypnotised. The hypnotist explained that during hypnosis or hypnotherapy you are taught relaxation techniques to get you to the theta state that is just before the sleep state delta. My sleep pattern should start to improve and hopefully eventually cured.

After my first session I am hopeful that hypnotherapy could be the solution to my problem. I feel more relaxed and not as tired and washed out during the day. No I'm not cured yet. I still lie in bed for hours trying to sleep but I can see an end to the problem.

If you suffer from chronic insomnia I think hypnosis is well worth a try. If are in the United Kingdom you can find a qualified hypnotist in your area from a list held by the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. In America the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis holds a similar list.

Hypnotherapy for insomnia has helped many people cure their sleep disorders.  Hypnosis for sleep disorders gets to the root cause of the condition reversing the triggers for insomnia.  Hypnotherapy is also useful for night terrors, enabling the person to get a good night's sleep.  Insomnia is very draining on a person's day to day life and insomnia hypnosis has been proven to be very effective in treating sleeping disorders.  At London's leading hypnotherapy clinic - The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic, we have a number of hypnotherapists that specialise in hypnotherapy for insomnia and sleep disorders.

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