Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic Hypnotherapist Louise Moore praised in Elle Magazine for releiving reporters anxiety

Elle Magazine

In an article (pictured left), Sophie Besiner, a journalist at Elle Magazine, used Louise’s hypnotherapy service to reduce her stress levels and was so impressed by it she gave a full testimonial and featured it in the magazine she works for!

Take a read of the testimonial:

“I’d got to the point whereby I had tried many different methods to deal with my nail-biting but failed time after time. I came across Louise online and liked her experience and specialisms and thought I’d take the plunge. I really had no idea if the hypnotherapy would work but thought it was worth a try.

I talked to Louise in quite some depth about my past and how I'd started this habit and what triggered off the behaviour. We then went into the hypnotherapy session. I felt very relaxed listening to Louise's voice and eventually went into a very deep state of relaxation. That day I stopped wanting to bite my nails. It was so instant and so easy to do - really quite astonishing to see the results. I love looking at my hands having healthy, neat nails.

So with this success, I decided to tackle other old habits that I'd held onto for most of my life which I was just fed up with carrying around. So I stopped sucking my thumb at night (quite embarrassing) and the biggest one of all and the most difficult one to deal with is weight control. It has taken a few sessions to deal with the conscious eating as these habits are so ingrained and so strong but slowly, slowly the penny dropped and I got it!

Since seeing Louise, I have seen her therapy grow beyond belief. She now incorporates light into her sessions and this has brought an even greater depth to the treatment. I feel like I'm transported to another place in my mind and body. I feel recharged and full of light. Every cell in my body feels like its being brought back to health and combined with the mind therapy, difficulties can be moved.

My life has taken on a different course since starting the hypnotherapy. Everything in my life has changed, for the better. I've had good success in a relatively short time. I got myself out of a very destructive relationship and I'm attracting very lovely new people into my life. I was stuck and in a dark place when I came to Louise. The transformation is quite astonishing and it I feel like I can do anything!

I can't recommend Louise enough. She's fun, knowledgeable and an inspiration. She makes you feel very comfortable and is very down to earth about her work. If you want to change something in your life, I'd wholeheartedly recommend hypnotherapy. It's the only way you are going to change those patterns of a lifetime. I would have never believed it, but it can be done though the mind.

Louise has shown how Hypnotherapy can change your life for the better, not only can it be used for nail biting, habits but past anxieties and weight control.  Hypnosis can be a cure all, that enables the client to reconnect with their body and mind for a fuller, better more productive life.  Louise Moore is one of the leading hypnotherapists at the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic. Our London Hypnotherapy clinic is one of the leading hypnosis clinics in London.  London Hypnotherapists at The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic in London, are skilled and experienced and can offer tretment for all manner of ailments, including phobias, weight loss, stop smoking, etc.  Speak to one of our expert hypnotherapists in London today.

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