BBC - 20 January 2013

For many women, deciding which pain relief to use in childbirth is one of the most vital aspects of the whole experience.

Some experts think using hypnotherapy, alongside gas and air or epidurals can make labour easier.    It has also been reported that hypnobirthing can make the labour process shorter.

Mental relaxation is the key to birthing a baby successfully and calmly.  When your mind is relaxed you feel less pain, as all your muscles are relaxed and the birthing process takes over.  Hypnobirthing suggests that the baby and body take over, while the mind stays relaxed and calm.

Mental relaxation techniques are being tested in a pilot scheme at maternity units across the north west of England.

Hypnobirthing relaxes the mind in order to reduce pain, keep the mother and baby calm and to shorten the birthing process.  It has been foudn that many women experience a pain free birth.  Relaxation is key to Hypnotherapy for birthing.  The more relaxed you are the better the birth and the calmer the baby.  Hypnobirthing is better for the baby as they experience no transfer of drugs from epidurals, or other pain relief, the mother is calm and therefore the baby enters the world into a calm enviroment.  The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic, has many hypnotherapists in London, that treat pregnant women both for hypnotherapy for fertiity, hypnobirthing, and all other hypnotherapy for natal care.  Speak to one of our trained hypno birthing experts today and use hypnosis for labour.  The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic, London's leading hypnotherapy clinic for Hypnobirthing London.

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