Hypnosis as an Effective Complementary Cancer Patients’ Solution

WebWire - 2 February 2009

The Cancer Institute at St. Alexius Medical Center in Barrington IL has introduced a new program for those who are going through cancer treatment to learn how hypnosis can deliver an effective complementary solution for pain control, anxiety reduction, reduction of nausea, vomiting and hair loss after chemotherapy as well as enhancing their quality of life.

The Cancer & Hypnosis education program is provided by the Alternative Practitioner Academy – a state licensed school of Hypnotism and it can be found on the Internet at www.apatoday.com. This program starts with two sessions: "Practical Hypnotic Interventions During Invasive Breast Cancer Treatment" and "Hypnosis to Decrease Chemo & Radiation Side Effects".

"Using hypnosis as an effective complementary adjunct to different areas of the medical community has been a subject of serious scientific inquiry for approximately 70 years, even though the history of using hypnosis in a medical setting goes back several hundred years. During the last two decades, however, hypnosis research has reached a level of sophistication that shows objective evidence for its clinical value.

Many people with cancer, experience pain, anxiety, and mood disturbance. Conventional treatments do not always satisfactorily relieve these symptoms, and some patients may not be able to tolerate their side effects. This new program is designed to equip cancer patients with the practical knowledge on how hypnosis can be used to relieve symptoms and improve physical and mental well-being" explains Tatiana Korol, CH, co-owner of the Alternative Practitioner Academy, and one of the presenters.

In addition to learning how hypnosis works and why it can be so effective, attendees will also have a chance to experience self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis has many therapeutic uses, especially in helping clients get over illnesses such as cancer as shown in the above article.  Hypnotherapy is also used in treating clients for weight loss, stop smoking, panic attacks, etc.  The hypnotherapists at the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic in London are leaders in their fields and specialise in various forms of hypnosis.  Book an appointment at the London Hypnotherapy Clinic with one of our hypnotherapists for hypnosis.

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