Woman HYPNOTISED into believing she is pregnant after seven years of trying finally has baby girl

Daily Mail - 29 January 2013

A 36-year-old who was desperate for a baby after seven years of trying to conceive has finally had a baby girl - after she was hypnotised into believing she was pregnant.

Louise Cheshire, 36, who also suffered two miscarriages, decided to try hynpotherapy before embarking on IVF treatment with her partner Ian Forrest, 33. But the shop worker from Coventry fell pregnant just four weeks after attending a one-hour session with a hypnotherapist last January.

She gave birth to daughter Aafia Rose, who weighed 6lbs 11oz, on December 3 last year at University Hospital Coventry.

Louise, from Hinckley, Leicestershire, said: 'Seven years ago I had two miscarriages and then I was trying for a baby for five years after that. 'We were trying for a baby the whole time but I thought I couldn't have a baby. I was under one of the country's top gynaecologists. 'I had lots of tests and they couldn't find anything wrong. They said there was no problem with me. We were going to try IVF but I thought hypnosis was worth one last try.

'It helped me quit smoking years ago and I just thought it was worth a shot. I never expected it to work but after just one session I felt much more positive and calm.'

Hypnotherapy induces a trance like state, during which the conscious mind is thought to be suppressed while the subconscious mind is opened. Practitioners stress that a patient is not put to sleep and can't be made to do something they don't wish to. During a session a therapist suggests ideas and lifestyle changes to the patient to reduce anxiety and promote wellbeing.

Ms Cheshire said: 'The hypnotherapist basically hypnotised me into believing I was pregnant and would have a baby. 'Four weeks later Ian and I went away for the weekend and a few days later I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I was thrilled.

Ms Cheshire is convinced hypnotherapy helped by calming her down both before and during her pregnancy 'I'm convinced the hypnotherapy helped relax and calm me down because I was so worried about not having a baby. 'He also taught me techniques to deal with anxiety when I was feeling worried and helped me relax about being pregnant. It was the best hour of my life and I was pregnant four weeks later.

'I know it sounds unreal but I'm convinced that it really helped me because I stopped thinking about it so much and stopped worrying.'

The cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist, said: 'Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) is a very powerful treatment that if administered correctly will make you more capable of conception. 'Be aware that when couples have exhausted all of the available options, paid all of their hard earned money on the treatments and eventually stop trying they will often let go of the stress around there personal moments and will then naturally fall pregnant.

'The truth is that it is much more likely that we are predominantly "accidents" as opposed to "planned".'

Hypnotherapy can be used for both fertility and the birthing process. Hypnotherapy for natal care is natural, safe and drug free. Hypnobirth can speed up the birthing process.  A series of hypnotherapy sessions are provided and in this case, relaxed the mother into being pregnant. Hypnotherapists at The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic in London offer hypno birthing and hypnosis for fertility at our London Hypnotherapy clinic.

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