London Hypnosis Cures Agrophobia - Fear of Spaces

Daily Mail - 2 September 2014

Shy girl who used to have panic attacks about leaving the house overcomes agoraphobia through HYPNOSIS and is now a confident lingerie model

Looking at pictures of Hannah Rich posing confidently in just her underwear, it's hard to believe she was once so shy, she would have a panic attack if she met people she didn't know. The 23-year-old from Hull used to hate people looking at her and became too scared to leave the house because she feared socialising. Hannah's nervousness was so extreme, she would have sleepless nights worrying about having to travel for work on public transport and could be reduced to tears in business meetings.

But now she has become a confident lingerie model after overcoming her crippling anxiety thanks to the power of hypnosis. Hannah explained: 'I used to have frequent anxiety and panic attacks, which were really severe and developed when I had to travel for work. 'If I had to travel somewhere for work in the morning I would be up the whole night before crying and worrying. 'It got to the stage when I was anxious to step out of my front door and it killed my social life. I would make up any excuse not to leave the house. I'd tell my boss and my friends that I was ill and I couldn't go out.

Now she's so confident she's happy to show off her body in selfies 'I have always been quite reserved and doubted myself a lot but after having to travel for work, it escalated in way I could never have imagined.' Hannah had always dreamed of being a model but knew it would never be a reality because of her lack of confidence and anxiety.

'I entered into a beauty contest when I was seven and loved it. But as I grew up I didn't have the confidence to think about doing it properly,' she said. 'I would constantly worry that I wasn't good enough and be paranoid about what people would think of me. I was very unconfident and shy, and just couldn't deal with unfamiliar situations.

'It got to the stage where I was constantly crying, not sleeping and eating and finding myself unable to breathe.' Hannah worked as a visual merchandisers for a jewellery company and had to travel for up to a week at a time to different stores across the UK. The models says she can now pursue her dream career thanks to having hypnosis

She said: 'I'd worry about the entire journey from getting on the train, travelling to an unfamiliar place, having to hold leadership over staff and stores I didn't feel comfortable in, before proceeding on these journeys I would cry for days in advance and struggled to sleep. '

The more I had to travel, the more my panic escalated, I even broke down in tears a few times when I was away and whilst I was on the shop floor, when a panic attack hit, I'd struggle to breathe and felt like I was losing control of my own feelings and mind.' Her anxiety was so bad, she began getting in trouble at work when she would call in sick or make excuses not to go, and eventually her bosses agreed she wouldn't have to travel. But Hannah was still struggling to leave the house and was at her lowest ebb so she decided to give a hypnotherapist a call.

She used to avoid going to unknown places and meeting new people but now loves socialising Hannah spent £360 on eight hypnotherapy sessions and he helped her address her deep rooted self-esteem issues and through breathing and visualisation techniques. She said: 'I was sceptical at first but I had nothing to lose. I was so down and stressed it was worth a shot. 'I was actually amazed at the change I felt after the sessions - it was like the hypnotherapist had completely changed my outlook and mental attitude.'

Hannah has overcome her anxiety and now is confident enough to pose in underwear - after finally being able to pursue her dream of being a hosiery model.

Once she hated being looked at but now she loves to show off her body Hannah now travels to photoshoots across the country with no problems and has no inhibitions about flashing some flesh in racy lingerie and stocking sets. She said: 'I absolutely love it and can't believe how I have turned my life around. Twelve months ago I would never have thought I would be confident and comfortable enough to leave the house and travel to see a photographer, and then strip off. 'I have received such positive feedback for my modelling and it has really given me the boost I needed. 'Before hypnotherapy I was unable to leave to house, but now I am travelling across the country and posing in these amazing underwear sets - and I am absolutely loving it.'

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