Weight Loss Hypnosis Helped Kim To Slim

Fleetwood Today - 20 January 2012

A THORNTON woman who wanted a fresh approach to help shed the pounds turned to hypnotherapy for success. And the results for primary school teacher Kim Robinshaw have been amazing. Thirty two year old Kim has shed 7st 9lbs and dropped dress size from 24 to a 14-16 with a ‘virtual’ gastric band fitted to lose weight.

When Kim tipped the scales at 21st, she decided to take action and after hearing about the hypnotism from a work colleague of her husband who successfully underwent the procedure, decided to go for it. She went to see a weight loss hypnotherapist based in Preston, in October 2010.

She said: “I saw some photos of me on holiday and I didn’t like any of them and my husband knew someone who had hypnosis and it worked for them. “I’d tried various diets over the years, I’d lose a stone, and then put it back on. “I decided the money I would spend on hypnosis was only about the same as I would pay going to a slimming group every week, so I’d give it a go.

“I think because I could see it working for someone else, it was encouraging. “Hypnosis made me believe I had a gastric band, and my stomach had shrunk to the size of a fist, So when I’d eaten so much I was just full. “It worked, I used to eat quite large portions before I had it and afterwards I could just eat a bowl of soup and feel full. “Seeing the weight come off spurred me on, and I just kept going, eating soups and yoghurts. “At first I lost 10lb in a week, then nine or eight. “Now I am losing a couple of pounds a week. “Any time I feel like I need the band tightening or loosened, I go back to see Andrew and he makes me believe it.”

Kim, who had struggled with her weight for many years said she was wary of having major surgery like an actual gastric band fitted. She had been diagnosed with endometriosis – a painful condition caused by smaller pieces of womb lining existing outside the uterus, mainly on the ovaries – and was forced to undergo a hysterectomy in 2006 at the age of 26. She says it was the hormone replacement therapy which really led to her weight spiralling out of control.

Kim says life has now changed both for her and her husband Alan, who has also started to lose weight, inspired by Kim’s success. “The results are incredible, some people can’t believe it. My life has completely changed since I decided to go to Andrew. “I’ve still got more to go to get to my target weight, but I now go to the gym five times a week and did my first triathlon in October.

“My family have been really supportive and people at work have been so impressed some have booked in for the procedure. “I am really pleased with it and the way it has helped me.” Mr Nelson said every client was different, but hypnotherapy could be beneficial. He explained: “Using hypnotherapy, a virtual gastric band can be ‘fitted’ giving the client the same feelings which would be experienced with surgery, but without the discomfort, inconvenience and safely.”

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