Hypnosis advocated for breast cancer patients

New Britain Herald - 19 October 2010

Mother, daughter, sister, friend, along with oneself, breast cancer affects us all and it is the No. 2 killer of women in today’s society. Hypnotists have the knowledge needed to assist clients in making their journey of breast cancer a voyage to inner-strength and growth through guided imagery and self-hypnosis.

Although breast cancer is a horrific experience, women following breast cancer surgery can reestablish an accepting self-concept of their body image. Working with breast cancer survivors, emphasis is placed on the total woman, mind, body, and spirit, allowing the clients to see themselves with new found courage.

In preparing the client for breast-cancer treatment, the hypnotist needs to discuss any fears or concerns the client has regarding surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. At this point in the journey, teaching self-hypnosis is vital. When assisting a newly diagnosed client, practicing self-hypnosis and guided imagery begins the empowerment process acknowledging that breast cancer does not have to control all aspects of life. The client now has tools to use for decreasing anxiety and stress.

The loss of one’s hair can be traumatic. The Looking Glass Experience has the client perhaps for the first time truly see the beauty of her face. The hypnotist will have the client close her eyes and visualize a beautiful golden mirror. As she gazes into the mirror, she is asked to look at her amazing eyes, cheekbones, nose, and mouth, encouraging her to see the beauty that comes from within and radiates through sparkling eyes and a warm smile. With guided imagery, the client can see herself as she wants to be. By empowering the client with a positive body image, she can work through the events of breast cancer surgery and reconstruction.

Hypnotherapy has long been used for cancer sufferers to relieve the pain and suffering and in refocusing their outlook. Hypnosis is very effective in enabling patients to accept their condition and to become more positive about their cancer.  Hypnotherapists at the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic in London are very sympathetic when dealing with all clients but especially those that have cancer.  Hypnotherapy has been used for a long time for cancer patients.  Book an appointment at the London Hypnotherapy Clinic with one of our hypnotherapists for hypnosis for cancer pain relief.

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