Hypnotherapy shows promise for hot flushes

Nursing Times - 30 September 2008

Hypnotic relaxation therapy can reduce the frequency and severity of hot flushes in menopausal women, a US study has revealed.

In the study of 51 women, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, 26 received hypnotherapy. When compared to the group who had not received the therapy, there was a 68% decrease in hot flushes.

The majority of women who received hypnotic relaxation therapy also experienced less uncomfortable side effects of hot flushes, such as loss of sleep and social interaction difficulties.

Lead investigator Gary Elkins, professor of psychology and neuroscience at Baylor, said: 'This study validates that this type of treatment is effective in decreasing hot flushes.'

'There is a real need to study emerging mind-body interactions to treating these ailments because many times medications are not an option,' he added.

Following the success of the study, researchers are set to enlist 180 post-menopausal women for a five year study to further analyse the physiological response to therapy.

The menopause is another 'rite of passage' for a woman and as such brings many changes to a woman's body.  Hypnotherapy has been used to great effect in reducing the symptoms associated with the 'change' such as hot flushes.  To discover how hypnosis can help you overcome the hot flushes, contact a therapists at The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic who will be happy to discuss a treatment of hypnotherapy at our London clinic.

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