Mel B is getting hypnosis

Western Daily Press - 10 March 2009

Mel B has revealed she is getting hypnosis to battle her nerves over her new stage show.

Mel is set to appear in Peepshow, her new Vegas act, but has said she's having hypnosis to help overcome her stage fright.

The former Spice Girl told Closer magazine: "I'm getting hypnosis. I'm seeing a guy called Anthony Cool, who performs a show at Vegas too. I'm doing this just in case I get any last-minute nerves - you know, in case I can't remember the lyrics or the moves. He's going to hypnotise me as soon as I get there."

Mel always has her husband Stephen Belafonte on hand to lend her support and handle the business side of things. She said: "With everything I do, I make sure I understand the contracts. In the old days in the Spice Girls, Victoria was the businesswoman. She explained it to us all. And now I have my husband who does all that and makes sure everything's sorted.

"I love him being involved in my work life. Why would I want a manager that I'd have to give 20 per cent of everything I earn to? I don't have to give Stephen anything - he gets me!"

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