In a trance? Nigella Lawson 'used hypnotherapy' to help shed two stone as part of her dramatic weight loss

Daily Mail - 20 August 2013

She lost a dramatic two stone last year, dropping from a size 16 to a slimline 12. But it seems that it wasn't just healthy eating and exercise that helped Nigella Lawson shape up, as the domestic goddess reportedly underwent hypnotherapy. The £295 sessions at a Harley Street clinic are allegedly the secret to the cook's success in battling the bulge, after training her mind to want smaller portions.

When Kim tipped the scales at 21st, she decided to take action and after hearing about the hypnotism from a work colleague of her husband who successfully underwent the procedure, decided to go for it.

According to The Mirror, the 53-year-old visited hypnotist to the stars Susan Hepburn who has reportedly worked with Lily Allen in the past.

A source said: 'She will never compromise on epicurean delight for the sake of her waistline and isn't the kind of woman to survive on rice cakes and cottage cheese. 'But she wanted to lose a few pounds, and decided hypnotherapy would mean she could still eat her favourite foods - but in smaller sizes.'

The cook has slowly but steadily been losing the weight over the last 14 months, reportedly thanks to the hypnotherapy The star has admitted in the past that she's not willing to give up the foods that she loves in order to lose weight, so has clearly been trying out different methods. The cook has manged to lose the weight over a 14-month period and has put it down to her love of pilates and her portion control, tweeting pictures of a number of her dishes.

Passionate about food: Nigella once claimed that she'll never deprive herself of food to lose weight, so has clearly turned to other methods She also employed a personal trainer to help her on her way, getting to grips with a new work-out regime while controlling her food.

But just last year, Nigella admitted that her passion for food meant that slimming down wasn't an option for her, saying in an interview: "I love food and I love cooking so therefore I never deprive myself." The star, who is married to art collector Charles Saatchi, also joked that if she lost a lot of weight she 'would age ten years straightaway'.

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