Online hypnotherapy - Is it better than face to face hypnosis?

The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic - 15 February 2022

Online hypnosis - Could it work for you?

Does online hypnosis actually work better than in person therapy?

Work from home they say, reduce personal contact, but where does that leave therapists? Can we still help clients in this Covid19 world? Can technology really be a game changer for our industry?

The pandemic has changed a lot of industries, but in particular for therapeutic in person services such as hypnotherapy. Therapists like most workers, are being encouraged to work from home due to government restrictions. If we can't have in person appointments does our industry stop? Do we stop helping people?

No, of course not! Technology is coming to our aid via the likes of Zoom, Skype, Facetime - we are able to see and hypnotise clients all in the comfort of their own home - virtual hypnotherapy.

But surely, hypnosis only works if you're face to face, gauging the client's reaction, listening to their breathing. No, thankfully technology has advanced so much that we are able to conduct hypnois sessions over video chat and some clients prefer it that way.

Consultations focus on one-to-one listening, so Zoom, Facetime or Skype are the perfect medium for this type of therapy, inductions work very well, and its much easier say, than when you would be in a meeting needing reports or external references, all the therapist needs is you and a video connection.

It works virtually, just as well as it does in person, maybe even better. For one thing, the client is more relaxed - they're in their own homes, so its less intrusive than closing their eyes in an unknown consulting room, as they find comfort from their own surroundings. There's no travel fatigue or hassle finding the therapy room and clients can access therapy at a time to suit them.

Instructions are followed just as they would do in a face to face in person hypnosis session. When their hypnotherapist asks them to imagine something or to feel in some way, the client actions these feelings, they comply as they would in person, becoming even more relaxed and conducive to the therapeutic process.

In respone to online hypnosis, one satisfied client said "At the start of the pandemic, I doubted that hypnotherapy would work if I couldn't have sessions in person. To my delight, using Zoom works like a dream. With one click, I can have hypnosis from any part of the world. This means a lot to me, not only because its Covid-safe but because my work as an actor requires constant travel. All I need is an internet connection and a private environment. I set my device up on a stable surface before we start and I get a perfect view of my hypnotherapist as I relax on the sofa. She can see, hear and understand me. Even the phone works well so long as I set it up on a table. The first time I got so relaxed the phone slipped out of my hand! The quality of my sessions hasn't dropped at all, and the flexibility is fabulous."

More online hypnosis success stories.

Elizabeth Gulino, was successfully hypnotised over Facetime to feel less stressed and reduce anxiety levels. She said "I didn't expect virtual hypnotherapy to work on me, but I ended up really enjoying my sessions."

She continues "In the days following, I actually felt noticeably less stressed, specifically less worried about the things I couldn't control. After a second FaceTime hypnosis session, I felt like I was able to relax even more, and tap into the root of the stress I've been feeling over these past few months. And those benefits have lasted almost a month now.

Katie Heaney was hypnotised over skype and to use her own words - "it actually worked!". Kate wanted to reduce her stress levels, had tried other therapies and even Prozac to calm her mind with no real success. So she gave online hypnotherapy a go. "It’s true: I went into hypnosis as a nonbeliever, and it worked on me anyway. This is not to say that I no longer suffer from anxiety, but that I felt, for the rest of the day after my session, as though I had taken a Xanax. Only I hadn’t."

"Many clients don't understand the process of hypnotherapy and therefore are put off by online hypnosis. As long as the client is in a private space where they can fully relax on an armchair or a sofa without fear of interruption, then the therapy works extremely well." says Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Tim Williams.

"It's flexible, portable and we're seeing great results." she continues. "Not only is it of benefit for the client, but the therapist benefits as well - consulting room costs are reduced, commuter travel time and costs are removed and the therapist is relaxed in their setting as well."

"It's a win, win situation for both client and therapist."

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