Self-hypnosis can ease cancer pain

Mesothelioma News - 2 June 2010

Research done by social worker Lisa D. Butler at the University of Buffalo in New York found that women living with breast cancer, among others, were able to find pain relief through self-hypnosis.

The study found that a combination of self-hypnosis and psychotherapy helped the patients with metastatic breast cancer manage their pain over a period of time. Anticipation of pain can be just as much an issue as experiencing pain, and self-hypnosis worked as a pain management tool to ease their fears.

Pain levels did not increase for those patients who used self-hypnosis, though it did not reduce the recurrence of pain episodes or their duration.

The study suggested that hypnosis techniques could help men and women with various forms of cancer – not just breast cancer, but other forms of cancer like mesothelioma or lung cancer – and individuals who are suffering from other painful illnesses.

Patients can ask their doctors for referrals to pain clinics that can teach self-hypnosis techniques. Group counseling was also recommended.

Hypnosis for pain relief is widely used in the UK and is now being used more recently to help cancer patients cope with the their pain.  Pain relief hypnotherapy is a very effective tool in enabling the patient to cope with various levels of pain.  Clients learn how to hypnotise themselves to coe with the pain.  Hypnosis has also been used to help mothers cope with the pain of childbirth as well. Some of our hypnotherapists specialise in pain management hypnotherapy at The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic.  Pain relief and Pain management hypnotherapy is being practiced at the hypnotherapy clinic on Harley Street in London.

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