Panic Disorder Cure – How Hypnotherapy Can Eliminate Panic Disorder

Treatment for Anxiety - 13 July 2009

Hypnotherapy – a new way for people to be rid of anxiety and panic attacks. For some, hypnotherapy can be effective in reducing the amount of attacks they have and experience each month.

How hypnotheraphy works -

It targets the attack triggers and the psychological as well as physical symptoms associated with anxiety attacks.

How to Use hypnotherapy for anxiety

Should someone feel they would benefit from this type of therapy, they will need to seek out someone who is qualified and experienced in dealing with panic attacks. There is not just one kind of hypnotherapy but many kinds so someone who knows how to deal with panic attacks is preferable. Panic disorder hypnotherapy deals with the psychological as well as the physical symptoms.

Using hypnotherapy for panic attacks can reduce the number of attacks a person suffers from. It works by using the person’s unconscious mind and deals with anxiety provoking situations.

The Hypnotherapist’s Job to Cure

The sufferer’s physician or hypnotherapist will put them under into a relaxed and vulnerable state. Then, while the person is under the “spell”, the hypnotherapist will tell the sufferer ways he or she can decrease their anxiety in the ways the unconscious will respond. Then the hypnotherapist will get the subconscious to resist anxiety when faced which would normally cause the person to get fearful.

Should it be an object or certain setting that typically causing the panic attacks, then using hypnotherapy can help to let go of the terror that is experienced. Hypnotherapy, it seems, works much better than plain old medication. Why? Because the hypnotherapist can train the person’s unconscious and subconscious to “obey” and understand the anxious state the person feels.

This type of treatment helps to reduce and get rid of the physical symptoms that are experienced in an panic attack. The hypnotherapist will go over the details with the patient and calm them down when they start feeling anxious and worried. After doing this a few times, the body can come into contact with the situation without a panic attack.

Hypnotherapy Works in Two Ways

Hypnotherapy can work in two ways… getting the anxiety level down to reasonable level and controlling the physiological responses in the body when it is thrown into a “pressured” situation.

Like the physiological responses that the hypnotherapist attacked, he or she can also relieve the problems that affect the person’s physical symptoms as well. Bringing the patient into a relaxed setting and then reviewing the situation or detail so the person will feel anxious. When the anxiety levels reaches a high point, he or she will bring it back down to focus on those physical symptoms.

Panic Attack Symptoms -

There are several signs that a person can have during physical panic attack. They are:

* Racing heart

* Chills

* Hot flashes

* Nausea

* Headaches

* Stomach upsets (including other bodily issues)

One technique the hypnotherapist will tell thepatient and it should be used most often is take a deep breath to get the heart rate back down and stay calm. Doing this calms other physiological reactors. If a person can calm down while in the middle of a panic attack, then facing the situation head on will not be near as hard. It trains the body and mind to stay calm during stressful times.

Hypnotherapy is good for those who have frequent and serious panic attacks. While some people find using medications with seeing a hypnotherapist works better than going it alone.

Panic attacks are helped with hypnotherapy, releiving the symptoms of anxiety.  Our trained hypnotherapists have many years experience in helping clients with anxiety and panic attacks.  Speak to our hypnotherapists about ways to improve your life with hypnosis at London's leading hypnotherapy clinic - The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic.

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