Is Sports Hypnosis Only For Professionals?

Peak Performance - 17 April 2009

Do you think that sports hypnosis is mostly associated with elite performers? That’s not true as it is relevant to child athletes and amateurs too. Irrespective of gender or level of performance, visualization technique helps even coaches, officials and parents to help players perform better. The best cited example is Tiger Woods, who took sports hypnosis sessions quite early in his life. He started these sessions when he was only 13 years old.

How Sports Hypnosis Benefits Amateur Player?

Sports hypnosis involves a variety of techniques that are beneficial for amateur and professional players. The techniques can be implemented to gain that extra edge. Through techniques like visualization, even those who may seem weak will be able to gain confidence. Sports hypnosis helps players to eliminate mental clutter and tackle mind games played by opponents with confidence and ease even during critical situations. Children and amateurs attain the focus of attention and conserve energy which they can utilize during critical moments.

Various visualization techniques enable players to take the game to the next level through mental imagery. This helps players rehearse their stock of game strategies and tactics in the mind itself. Flexibility is one of the best outcomes of such guided imagery. Players become less vulnerable to injury and learn to anticipate sudden, unexpected twists and be ready to deal with pain.

Sports hypnosis is widely being used in professional sports, including golf, football and tennis.  Sports hypnosis is performed by leading hypnotherapists at The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic for hypnosis for sports as well as other hypnotherapy specialisations at the hypnotherapy clinic in London.

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