Think Thin Through Hypnosis

Philadelphia Health - 26 January 2009

Can you really lose weight through hypnosis? This woman thinks so.

Mary Jo Klejna is hoping hypnosis will help her think thin.

If you're lookin' to lose some weight, a local psychologist says he can help. But not through pills or medicine, he?s using hypnosis.

"I was watching TV with my husband, we were doing things and all the sudden I looked at my watch and said it's 10 o’clock. Usually by 10 I would have been in the fridge 100 times,” Klejna said.

She turned to hypnosis because of her preoccupation with food. Klenga says even a couple of sessions have helped reduce her “constant craving.”

"Hypnosis can allow us to get right to the nitty gritty, find out why we are doing what we are doing and then discover better ways to do it better," said hypnosis doc Bruce Eimer.

Dr. Eimer is a psychologist trained in hypnosis, but he is the first to say it isn't for everyone.

"Nothing works for everyone. Hypnosis works in most cases with most people as long they are willing as long as they are moderately intelligent.” Dr Eimer said.

Klejna says the sessions are relaxing but powerful.

"If I had to, I couldn't lift my hands up...I couldn't move my arms,” said Klejna.

Joan Cope says she's willing to go under Dr. Eimers spell because her clothes are getting tighter and tighter.

After one session but says she saw a slight change.

"I pass up chocolate chip cookies and that's just not like me," said Cope.

Dr. Eimer charges $200 a session. In addition, he encourages his patients to listen to self-hypnosis tapes at home. One researcher says expect at least 8 sessions before you see progress.

After following the two women for about 9 months, Mary Jo tells us she's lost about 10 pounds, but admits she hasn't been listening to the tapes at home.

Joan has dropped about 20 pounds, according to the doctor.

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