The Wakeful State of Hypnosis

Orf FM4 Radio - 6 October 2008

Here's an interesting article by Australian radio producer Kate Farmer where she discusses her experience with hypnosis. Farmer makes an excellent point when she says that the only people who cannot be hypnotised are those who steadfastly refuse to be hypnotised. If you are willing, you can be hypnotised.

Many years ago, a hypnotist came as a guest to the radio station where I was working as a junior reporter. The program controller volunteered me to be one of the people he would "put under" along with a colleague of mine who was also a presenter, and we would record the event for broadcast later. I didn't much fancy being made to make an idiot of myself - but in those days, you didn't argue with the boss. I needn't have worried. After the hypnotist tried his best with me for about quarter of an hour, absolutely nothing happened. I was pronounced "unsuitable" and another volunteer was dragged out of the office. My colleague, however, went off into a trance like she did it every day, and came up with some stuff that made really good radio.

In the intervening couple of decades, I have often wondered what made her such a wonderful subject, while I was such a dud. I had my suspicions, which have now been confirmed, having worked on this week's Reality Check special. She simply wanted to be a good subject, while I didn't. She was willing to "let go," while I was mentally resisting with all the determination of Harry Potter throwing off the imperius curse. So does that mean hypnosis doesn't work? Not at all. It just means that whatever else a hypnotist can do, one thing they can't do is control your mind, which is comforting if you're considering it as a possible therapy to help you stop smoking, or to help you overcome a phobia or a traumatic event. It might help, but only if you want it to.

I've found working on this Satuday's program quite an eye opener. Hypnosis has come a long way since it was considered "mumbo jumbo medicine" or the basis of dubious stage acts. It's now not only a respectable and respected branch of psychotherapy, it can also be used in medicine to help with everything from spots to pre-operation stress.

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