It never felt like a diet - it was just so easy!' Woman sheds eight stone after using HYPNOTHERAPY to banish her cravings

Daily Mail - 9 April 2014

Summoning the willpower to stick to a punishing diet and exercise regime is never easy but one woman has found a novel solution.

Lynne Seymour, 46, from Southampton lost an incredible eight stone after a course of weight loss hypnotherapy gave her the motivation she needed to overcome her food cravings.

Mrs Seymour's battle with her weight began as a child but when the NHS ward manager hit 16st, she decided enough was enough.

'I have struggled with my weight my entire life,' explained Mrs Seymour. 'I have always tried the latest fad diets, gone to slimming clubs and I even took diet pills to try and lose weight.'

But despite her efforts and her ability to lose weight easily, Mrs Seymour says keeping the pounds off permanently proved a challenge.

'I would lose as much as seven stone quite easily, it would drop off me, but I would always put it straight back on,' she explains.

'I felt a bit like a football - I couldn’t move well at all and I used to just plod around like an old lady. It got to the point where I knew I couldn’t stay as big as I was and that I needed to lose weight.

'I was weighing up my options and thinking about paying to have gastric band surgery. But my mum saw a TV programme on hypnotherapy and I decided to give it a go.'

Her sessions at the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre proved to be exactly what she needed and Mrs Seymour, who was struggling with breathlessness and osteoarthritis caused by her weight, hasn't looked back since.

Determined to beat the bulge, the mother-of-one signed on to the centre’s Easyloss programme and quickly began to see results.

Just one year after starting the programme, Mrs Seymour has lost half her bodyweight - and this time, has managed to keep the pounds at bay.

'I have never felt like I was on a diet,' she explains. 'It was just so easy. The weight just fell off me and it felt completely effortless. I just never thought it would be possible.

'I eat things that I would never have touched before, like fruit - now all I ever snack on is fruit. I’m a lot fitter too, I still have aches and pains but I am more healthy and I have been surprised at how much energy I have now.

'I can walk my dog which I couldn’t do before. People have been amazed by my transformation, they didn’t recognise me at first which was lovely.

'I still eat, I’m not deprived. I eat what I want, and leave what I don’t. I have just changed the way I eat and the foods I eat.'

She added: 'Now I don’t even bother weighing myself. If my clothes fit and I feel good, why should I have to get on the scales. As long as you feel good and healthy, the numbers don’t matter.'

Speaking about Mrs Seymour's dramatic transformation, Sue Peckham, director at Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre, commented: 'Our Easyloss programme is really effective because it is not a diet but a way of getting back to eating like a naturally slim person.

'The most common thing my clients say to me when they first start to see such amazing results is "I can’t believe how easy this is".'

A delighted Mrs Seymour added: 'I’ve never looked back since and I have kept the weight off. I haven’t struggled at all.'

Shedding 8 stone is a great achievement and will make Lynne feel and look so much better.  A happier, healthier person through weight loss hypnosis.  Lynne says how easy it is to lose weight using hypnosis.  Lynne says she has a new lease of life through weight loss hypnotherapy. We have many more success stories like Lynne's of losing weight.  Hypnosis changes your attitude to food enabling the client to lose weight quickly and easily.  At the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic, our weight loss hypnotherapists are fully trained in weight loss hypnotherapy.  Having trained many successful clients to lose weight the hypnotherapists at The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic are renowned for their expertise in hypnosis for weight loss.  Speak to one of our weight loss hypnotherapists today.

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