Lose Weight With Hypnotherapy

Why Choose Weight Loss Hypnotherapy?


  • 1. Fast and Effective
  • 2. A Lifestyle Change and Not a Diet
  • 3. Changes Your Attitude to Food
  • 4. Healthier Food Choices = Healthier Body
  • 5. No Calorie Counting
  • 6. Unlimited Choice of Foods
  • 7. Get to Grips With Portion Size
  • 8. A New You
  • 9. Better Eating Habits
  • 10. Take Control

Weight Loss Hypnotherapists

Speak to our specialist weight loss hypnotherapists today who will help you with weight loss.

Lulu Appleton - London Weight Loss Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Author

Annie Greig - Hypnotherapist for Weight Loss London

John Greig - London Hypnotherapist to Lose Weight

Trevor Hoskisson - Weight Loss Hypnotherapist and Award winning Life Coach

Louise Moore - London Hypnotherapist for Weight Loss and Eating Disorders

For all your hypnosis needs visit the London Hypnotherapy Clinic specialising in stop smoking, phobias, weight loss, addiction, insomnia,

How To Choose A Hypnotherapist

  • 1. Recommendation From a Friend
  • 2. Specialist in That Particular Field
  • 3. Many Year's Experience  
  • 4. Part of an Established Hypnotherapy Clinic
  • 5. Fully Trained in Hypnosis
  • 6. Busy Practice  
  • 7. Good Rapport
  • 8. Registered with a Hypnotherapy Association
  • 9. Certificated to Practice
  • 10. Proven Results

London Weight Loss Hynotherapists at The Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic

The weight loss hypnotherapists at the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic, London are fully trained and experienced in helping clients to lose weight successfully. 

Weight loss hypnotherapy helps clients lose weight, quickly and easily.  Hypnotherapy helps to change your relationship with food and the way you view exercise, ridding you of negative thoughts and behaviours and replacing these bad habits with healthier lifestyle choices.

The London weight loss hypnotherapy program is not a diet, but a lifestyle change - a healthy eating plan designed for your future.  Developed on an individual basis, the weight loss hypnotherapy program provides you with the ability to make healthier lifestyle choices and lose weight. 

Choosing the Best Weight Loss Hypnotherapist in London

At the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic we understand how difficult it is to find the best weight loss hypnotherapist for you, therefore, within the clinic we have brought together leading hypnotherapists in their fields of expertise. 

All of the hypnotherapists are part of the clinic because of their proven results in the field of weight loss hypnosis.  As specialists in that particular field, they have a greater knowledge and experience from only seeing clients for weight loss, knowing what works and what doesn't work, rather than someone who is in general practice. 

Being a member of one or more hypnotherapy associations, our hypnotists adhere to their guidelines, providing you with a better service and better results.

Weight Loss Hypnosis - A Fast Solution to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy on Harley Street, London

Clients are seen in relaxed surroundings at our Harley Street offices in London and over a course of weight loss sessions build up a great rapport with their hypnotherapist which enables them to get to the route cause of their over eating, fast. 

At the London Hypnotherapy Clinic we see a lot of clients through recommendations, which we believe is the best way to advertise.  A friend's recommendation is given on proven results and friends always want what's best for you. 

Speak to one of our weight loss hypnotherapists for an appointment in our central London Hypnotherapy clinic.

Our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Works

"Thank you so much, I'm back to the right size for me & its all down to you & your hypnotherapy.  It didn't feel like a diet - you (hypnotherapist) changed my terrible attitude to food.  Thanks once again & good luck with your practice."

Mr L D Worcester*